About GYON

Good heart organization was founded sometime in 2007 at Oga Hotel Behind Bama Park, Maiduguri, Borno state and registered with corporate Affairs Commission. We are an indigenous, non-profit organization committed to the upliftment and wellbeing of the good citizens across Nigeria and Africa at large.

Aims and Objectives


  1. To create awareness among the general populace on the importance of self-reliance creation and development of youths with good- heart in our communities and engage in community policing.
  2. To motivate good heart youth members to engage in creative and productive enterprises that will engender Local, National and International Development.
  3. To protect the interest and welfare of Good heart youth in our community.
  4. To collaborate and create development, partnership that assists people living in rural areas.
  5. To help of good heart youths build a great future and hope so that they can positively impact their community.
  6. Provision of proper healthcare facilities for rural areas.
  7. To provide free legal aid service to the needy while creating awareness among the general public on the need to provide assistance in any form of guidance and counselling to less privilege adults and children.
  8. To promote the well-being and development of all Good heart youths in need, especially the deprived, abused, the destitute and homeless.
  9. To work towards the provision of basic health for orphans, less privileged children and ensuring that the basic needs of orphan’s children are provided.
  10. To provide counselling, education and vocational skills training for Good-heart orphans, children, less privilege and widows etc.
  11. To encourage sustainable development for Associations, Groups, Students and Youth through the agitation of sound and free education, basic health care, food security, rapid industrial growth, adequate housing, full employment and the improvement of infrastructure and basic services.
  12. To encourage the security of life, property and enhance family values.
  13. We aim at helping the orphans, physically handicapped, prisoners, widows and widowers, destitute in all communities at large to enable them have a sense of belonging in their world of shared meaning, hence we believe that everyone has the right to live and co-exist.
  14. To encourage self-respect, self-reliance and human dignity.
  15. To uphold the integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as one noted indivisible entity.
  16. To encourage National integration and peaceful co-existence of the diverse communities of or country.
  17. To promote an egalitarian society founded on freedom, equality and justice.
  18. To promote learning, research in science and technology and the arts.
  19. To canvass for, protect the rights of the children and the disabled.


Our core vision and mission is to build the capacity of persons within our sphere of influence through various workshops and seminars, skill acquisition and monetary grant schemes to the less privilege like widows, orphans and IDPs , and also campaign against cultism, gangsterism , drug abuse, vandalization of public assets, hate speech, communal clash and violence, etc.